Connecticut State Chess Association

CSCA TD Training Program

Every US Chess-rated tournament is required to be officiated and submitted to US Chess for rating by a US Chess-certified Tournament Director (TD). There are different levels of certification that determine what size and kind of US Chess-rated tournaments a TD is allowed to officiate. All US Chess members in good standing can apply to become a US Chess Certified Club Tournament Director.

With the proper training, testing and experience it is possible to acquire a higher level of certification. The CSCA can assist in finding the necessary information about US Chess TD certification levels, answering questions related to US Chess tournament rules, finding a TD to help officiate your chess tournament and offering apprenticeships as Assistant TD at CSCA tournaments to acquire the necessary experience for higher level TD certification. Some apprenticeships are paid positions.

For more information about or for TD's you can visit US Chess and if you would like to apply for apprenticeship at a CSCA event please contact the CSCA at