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Yale Defeats Harvard

Nov 22 - The Elis scored a 3-2 victory over arch-rival Harvard Saturday Nov 19 at home. David Wang (2376), Matthew Traldi (2263), Pavel Kamyshev (UNR), Scott Caplan (1941), and David Lyons (1921) played for Yale. Games can be found at Yale will be heading for the Pan American college tournament Dec 27-30 at Miami Dade College in Florida. Best of luck to some very strong Elis!

Chessmaster Oliver Chernin to represent CT in the Online Tournament of State Champions

Nov 16 - 50 State Champions, 1 U.S. Championship Qualifier The America' Foundation for Chess and the Internet Chess Club are pleased to announce the running of the second State ‘Champion of Champions’ event, the winner of which will win through to a guaranteed spot in the 64-player field battling it out for the $250,000 U.S. Chess Championship to be held next March at the NTC Promenade in San Diego. Oliver Chernin, who finished 2nd in this year's CT Open behind GM Sergey Kudrin, will be representing CT. All dates are ICC server time; this is New York Time (EDT). 1. Qualification tournaments November 19, 15:00: Eastern Conference (Zone 1 and 2). November 20, 15:00: Western Conference (Zone 1 and 2). 2. Finals December 3, 15:00: Semi Finals (winners of Zones 1 and 2). December 4, 15:00: Finals. (East vs. West) II. PLAYING SYSTEM 1. Qualification tournaments Both Eastern and Western Conference will be a double-round all-play-all tournaments split into two zones with a time control of 3 1 (three minutes initially plus one second added per move). The games will be unrated on ICC and seedings will be based on USCF ratings. In the event of one conference group not having sufficient numbers, the ICC will have the right to mearge two groups into one large group with both the winner and runner-up meeting in the semifinal. 2. Qualification to the Finals In both Eastern and Western Conference, the top two finishing players from each zone will qualify for their conference semifinals, the winners of which will play in a final which will have one player from the Eastern Conference and one from the Western Conference. 3. Finals Each round of the finals (semi finals, finals) will be played in two rounds, alternating colors, with a time control of 60 minutes initially plus 3 seconds added per move. If a match of two games ends 1-1, there will be two games with a time control of 3 1 between those two players to determine the winner. Should this tiebreak match also end 1-1, there will be an 'armageddon game': White will receive 5 minutes against Black's 4 minutes, no time increments. Black will advance on draw in that game. The responsible ICC tournament director will draw lots in order to determine colors in this armageddon game. In the semi finals, pairings will be: Eastern Conference Zone 1 winner vs. Eastern Conference Zone 2 winner (SF1) Western Conference Zone 1 winner vs. Western Conference Zone 2 winner (SF2) In the finals, the winner of SF1 will meet the winner of SF2 and colors in the first game will be determined by the responsible ICC tournament director drawing lots. Should a tiebreak match be necessary, colors in the first tiebreak game will always be the same as they were in the first regular game of that match. III. PRIZES Prizes for the tournament are as follows: 1st: 250 US-Dollars 2nd: 150 US-Dollars 3rd/4th: 50 US-Dollars each. The winner will be seeded into the OTB 2006 US Championships in San Diego

GM Kudrin wins 2005 Fall GNHO

Nov 16 - GM Sergey Kudrin dominated a field of 21 in this year's Fall Greater New Haven Open, winning all four games. Ryan Goldenberg (1913) finished second, and Walter Driscoll (1729) took 3rd on tiebreaks. Mike Mauriello (1132) of West Haven High School won the U1600 section, Lucian Gagliola (1126) of Notre Dame High School won the U1200 section, Cameron Bloomer (989) of Hopkins School won the U1000 section, and Robin John (UNR) of Bailey Middle School won the U800 section. In the Scholastic sections, Foote School won the First Place Team trophy, with Peck Place School finishing 2nd and Hopkins 3rd. 130 chess players participated in the event. For wall charts check RESULTS section of this website.

CSCA Board Meeting Scheduled for Sat., Sept 10

Aug 25 - The CSCA will hold its annual Board Meeting Saturday, Sept 10 from 11am to 3pm at the Case Memorial Library in Orange, CT. All CSCA members are welcome. Bids for the CT State Championships and the CT Scholastic Championships will be considered. If you have an item you would like added to the meeting agenda, please email to no later than August 30. Thank you.

Ryan Goldenberg places 20th at Denker Tournament of High School Champions

Aug 25 - Ryan Goldenberg from West Haven High School placed 20th on tiebreaks as this year's CT representative to the annual Denker Tournament of High School Champions. Ryan tied with 3.5 points for places 10-20. For more results check Denker Results

Alexandra Wiener places 34th at National Polgar Tournament for Girls

Aug 25 - Alexandra Wiener of Westport placed 34th on tiebreaks as this year's CT representative to the annual National Polgar Tournament for Girls. 11 year-old Alexandra was the youngest participant in the tournament and tied with 2.0 points for places 33-43. She also took 2nd Place in the chess problem-solving contest! Nice going Alexandra. We look forward to your continued success! For more results check Polgar Results

GM Sergey Kudrin Wins 2005 CT Open Championship

May 16 - Grandmaster Sergey Kudrin is the 2005 CT State Champion, besting a field of 37 competitors in the Open Section at this year's CT State Championships, held at Peck Place School in Orange, CT. GM Ibragimov, Masters Chernin, Watanabe, Bauer, Privman & Figler tied for 2nd - 7th place with 3.5 wins each. The Top U2000 prize went to Ian Harris and Anthony Purpora. The Top U1800 prize went to Cameron Bishop, who also finished 8th overall. In the Amateur Sections, the U1600 Champion is William Turpin from West Haven High School, and the U1200 Champion is David Zhao, also from West Haven High School. In the Novice Sections, the U1000 Champion is David Portnoy of Amity High School, and the U800/Unrated Champion is David Shang from East Lyme Middle School. Check the Results Section of this website for Full Results.

West Haven High School Wins 2005 New England High School Chess Championships

May 4 - This past weekend, the West Haven Renegade Knights traveled to the Hartford/Windsor Marriott Hotel to compete in the New England Scholastic Chess Championships. From a very competitive field drawing the top 56 chess players from the nine top high school chess teams in New England, West Haven took a clear first place with 19.5 points, with convincing victories over Vermont's Fair Haven High School (2nd place with 15.5 points) and Rhode Island's Central Falls High School (15 points). Lowell High School of MA took 4th place and Saugus High School of MA placed 5th with 13 points.

GM Ildar Ibragimov Wins 2005 Greater New Haven Winter Open

Feb 14 - On Sunday, Feb 13 GM Ildar Ibragimov (2701) won the Open Section of the 2005 Greater New Haven Winter Open in Orange, CT. Kebadu Belachew (1969) took 2nd overall and FM Akira Watanabe (2391)and FM Haoyuan Wang (2334) tied for 3rd. Congratulations to Westwoods School 1st Place Team, Flanders School and Clark Lane MS 2nd Place Teams, and Peck Place School 3rd Place Team. For full results Check Edutech