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Nathional Master Harris Appleman Crowned CT Blitz Champion

Dec 24 - On Dec 22, the New Britain Chess Club once again hosted the CT State Blitz Championship. An impressive forty (40) players participated in the event and, after five hours of very spirited and lively competition, returning NBCC member and United States Chess Federation National Master Harris Appelman (better known to many as “Appel”) was crowned the 2009 CT Blitz Chess Champion. Congratulations, Harris!

GM Gildardo Garcia takes 1st, but GM Sergey Kudrin Successfully Defends CT State Championship Title

Sep 19 - The CT State Championships was held at UCONN for the first time this year, and GM Kudrin retains his Title as CT State Champion. GM Gacia won the event, but is not a CT state resident. UCONN School of Engineering awarded $14,000 in Scholarships for the K-12 Section. Results are below: 2009 CT State Open Championship: 1st - GM Gildardo Garcia, 3.5 - 0.5, $700 2nd- 3rd: GM Sergei Kudrin, GM Alexander Ivanov, Dan Rozovsky, 3.0 - 1.0, $333 each. Top U-2000: Gary Cote, 2.0 - 2.0, $200. Reserve U-1800: 1st - Mike Pascetta, 4.0 - 0.0, $250. 2nd - Charles Daly, 2.5 - 1.5, $100 Top U-1600: Kevin Zimmerman, 3.0 - 1.0, $150 2nd: Mike Elwell, 2.0 - 2.0, $100 25 players total. 2009 K-12 CT State Open Championship: 1st: Michael Finnneran, $8,000 UCONN Scholarship, Denker Award $300+ 2nd: Harry Wheeler, $4000 UCONN Scholarship 3rd: Tony Blum, $2,000 Scholarship 4th: Haotian Zheng 5th: James Nitz 1st Team: Southington HS 2nd Team: West Haven HS 3rd Team: Hopkins School 39 players total. 2009 K-8 CT State Open Championship: 1st: Lihkit Ganedi 2nd: Ryan Young 3rd: Ryan Zentner 4th: Adam Piche 5th: Tyler Leite 1st Team: Pierrepont School 2nd Team Harborside 3rd Team: Woodstock 26 players total. 90 players in all 3 events combined.