Founded January 26, 1901

The New Britain Chess Club is the largest and most historic chess organization in Connecticut.
We meet every Tuesday at the Armenian Church of the Holy Resurrection, 1910 Stanley Street, New Britain, CT 06053.
Doors open at 6:30 p.m. (6:15 p.m. when there are training classes).
Club activities begin at 7:15 p.m.
The first few visits are free, so come check us out!
Equipment is provided.

The New Britain Chess Club is currently open on Tuesday evenings at the Armenian Church of the Holy Resurrection. Masks are currently required to be worn by all members and non-members.

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The New Britain Chess Club Memorial Tournaments

Since 2011, the NBCC has been hosting annual double quads to memorialize prominent chess players throughout our community who were instrumental in enriching and promoting the game. Please visit the features page to read the chess biography on each memorialized player. Please note that the club never finished the Judge John Kirkham event in 2020, but his biography is still published.

Person Memorialized Year Honored Quad 1 Winner(s) Quad 2 Winner(s) Quad 3 Winner(s) Quad 4 Winner(s) Quad 5 Winner(s)Quad 6 Winner(s)
Jan Cendrowski 2021
Nelson Castaneda
Norman Burtness
Elizabeth Smith
Jithya Sajeevan

David Lees 2019
Derek Meredith
Norman Burtness
Serguei Luiotikov
Andrei Luiotikov
Yogahari Jegadesswaran & Shirin Vijay Chistopher Hoffman
Dr. Joseph Platz 2018
Nelson Castaneda
Joseph Bihlmeyer
John Nitz & Dennis Himes
Carter Clayton
Samuel Sirag

Julius Fuster 2017
Nelson Castaneda
Joseph Hricko & James Wilkin
John Nitz
Vijay Yammanuru
Michael Chen

Thomas Hartmayer 2016
David Herscovici & Immad Sadiq
John Nitz &
Robert Cyr
Kevin Zimmerman
Daniel Hoffman

Nicholas Stevens 2015
James Wilkin
Dennis Himes
Ryan Wantroba

Paul Glidewell 2014
Nelson Castaneda
Marcus Komons
Robert McDaniel
Eric Hilhorst
John Twombley

James Bolton 2013
Dennis Prawira
John Nitz
Dennis Himes
Kevin Zimmerman
Zachary Shuskus

David Reynolds 2012
Nelson Castaneda
Dennis Himes
Robert McDaniel
John Twombley
Ruthvik Ayyagari

Edward Ipacs 2011
Nelson Castaneda
Daniel Pascetta
Marcus Komons
George Himes
Jonathan Aiyathurai &
Kevin Zimmerman
Eric Hilhorst