Founded January 26, 1901

The New Britain Chess Club is the largest and most historic chess organization in Connecticut.
We meet every Tuesday at the Armenian Church of the Holy Resurrection, 1910 Stanley Street, New Britain, CT 06053.
Doors open at 6:30 p.m. (6:15 p.m. when there are training classes).
Club activities begin at 7:15 p.m.
The first few visits are free, so come check us out!
Equipment is provided.

The New Britain Chess Club is currently open on Tuesday evenings at the Armenian Church of the Holy Resurrection. Masks are currently required to be worn by all members and non-members.

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The Ultimate New Britain Chess Club Trivia Challenge

Please take some time to test your knowledge about the NBCC. Please e-mail your answers to Bob Cyr at Good luck!

1. Who holds the record for being the youngest member to win the New Britain Chess Club Championship? 
a) Danny Rozovsky 
b) Eric Godin 
c) James Nitz 
d) Mike Casella  

2. In what year did the Greater Hartford Chess Club host a special banquet to honor Arkadijs Strazdins for his decades of devoted service 
to Connecticut chess?  

a) 1989 
b) 1993 
c) 1997 
d) 2002  

3. Which of these USCF National Masters gave a simultaneous chess exhibition at the New Britain Chess Club in 1979?  

a) Kerry Leahy 
b) Dr. Joseph Platz 
c) James Bolton
d) Richard Bauer  

4. Which of these New Britain Chess Club memorable events occurred during the 1960s? 
a) First New Britain Summer Open Chess Championship 
b) Membership reached all-time high of 119 
c) Club moved to New Britain Quartette Club 
d) Arkadijs Strazdins elected club president    

5. Who was the only New Britain Chess Club member to hold each of the four officer positions at different times throughout his 

a) Edmund Roman 
b) Jan Cendrowski
c) Robert Corr 
d) Arkadijs Strazdins  

6. How many matches have been held between the New Britain Chess Club and the Springfield Chess Club of Massachusetts?   

a) 12
b) 18 
c) 22 
d) 28 

7. What college team did the New Britain Chess Club team tie for first place with in the class B tournament of the 1952 Connecticut Chess 

a) Central Connecticut State College 
b) Wesleyan 
c) University of Connecticut 
d) Yale  

8. Who served the most consecutive years as secretary of the New Britain Chess Club? 
a) Boleslaw Gryboski 
b) Peter Kloskowski 
c) Daniel Lechowicz 
d) Robert Milardo  

9. What was the score of Super Match I held between the Boylston Chess Club and the combined forces of the New Britain Chess Club and the 
Hartford Chess Club?   

a) 14  - 16   
b) 17 - 19
c) 24  - 12  
d) 15 - 15   

10. Which of these milestones in New Britain Chess Club history occurred third?   

a) First use of computerized pairing software 
b) First Planet Earth Chess Championship 
c) First appearance on television 
d) First lecture and simultaneous exhibition by a GM   


How many New Britain Chess Club members defeated Grandmaster Samuel Reshewsky in his simultaneous chess exhibition at Trinity College in 
Hartford on March 9, 1986?