Founded January 26, 1901
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The New Britain Chess Club Rated Blitz Chess Tournament Winners

The NBCC used to hold numerous blitz chess events during slower times of the year. Starting in 2012, NBCC began organizing rated blitz chess tournaments.

XXVI:  Can it be you?!
XXV:   Derek Meredith
XXIV:  Suhas Kodali
XXIII: Joseph Bihlmeyer
XXII:  Yelfry Torress
XXI:   Nelson Castaneda
XX:    Nelson Castaneda
XIX.   Nelson Castaneda
XVIII: Nelson Castaneda
XVII.  Nelson Castaneda and Mark Bourque
XVI.   Nelson Castaneda
XV.    Dennis Prawira
XIV.   Richard Bauer
XIII.  Richard Bauer
XII.   Immad Sadiq
XI.    Jose Castro
X.     Open: Nelson Castaneda and Dennis Prawira, U1500: Ryan Wantroba
IX.    Dennis Prawira and Yoon-Young Kim
VIII.  Nelson Castaneda and James Nitz
VII.   Derek Meredith
VI.    William Torres
V.     Open: Dennis Prawira, Lower: Robert Cyr 
IV.    Dennis Prawira
III.   Joseph Bihlmeyer 
II.    Daniel Rozovsky
I.     Nelson Castaneda