Founded January 26, 1901
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The New Britain Chess Club Odds Blitz Chess Champions

Starting in 2010, the NBCC began holding "odds blitz chess tournaments," where higher-rated players give time odds to lower-rated players in order to provide greater winning chances for the underdogs. Even though some of our resident masters have won these events, despite the odds, there have been a few class players who have earned first place, edging out the masters, in these fun tournaments.

XX:    Carter Clayton and Nelson Castaneda
XIX:   Shaina Mezheritzsky, Phiron Hin, Nelson Castaneda, and Arijit Chakraborty
XVIII: Nelson Castaneda and Suhas Kodali
XVII:  Raghav Arun and Daniel Pascetta
XVI:   Max Krall and Mark Rovensky
XV:    Manav Ramprasad and Nelson Castaneda
XIV:   Mark Bourque
XIII:  Joseph Bihlmeyer
XII:   Alexander Ruth
XI:    Joseph Bihlmeyer, David Herscovici, Allen Mo, and James Wilkin
X:     James Wilkin
IX:    Daniel Pascetta
VIII:  Alexander Ruth
VII:   Dennis Prawira
VI:    Nelson Castaneda
V:     Nelson Castaneda
IV:    Nelson Castaneda
III:   Richard Bauer
II:    Richard Bauer
I:     Richard Bauer