Founded January 26, 1901
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The Oktoberfest Open Chess Champions

The Oktoberfest Open began its tradition with the NBCC in 2006 as a way to celebrate the club's rich German heritage, which dates back to as early as the 1930s. As part of this annual celebration, the club holds its Oktoberfest dinner party at a local restaurant after each tournament.

2021 Open: Nelson Castaneda and Suhas Kodali, U1800: Norman Burtness
2020 Open: Suhas Kodali, U1800: Abhijit Mondal
2019 Open: Suhas Kodali and Joseph Bihlmeyer, U1800: Punyavrat Upadhyay
2018 Open: Nelson Castaneda and Joseph Bihlmeyer, U1800: Laxma Dendi
2017 Open: Dennis Prawira, U1800: Harold Blanchard
2016 Open: Nelson Castaneda, U1800: Bill Campbell
2015 Open: Nelson Castaneda and Mark Bourque, U1600: Ybelka Granger
2014 Open: Nelson Castaneda and David Herscovici, U1700: Swastik Chaki
2013 Open: Derek Meredith, Douglas Fiske, and Allen Mo, U1700: John Twombley and Kevin Zimmerman
2012 Open: Derek Meredith, U1700: Brian Kosnoff and Jason Homiak
2011 Open: Nelson Castaneda, Derek Meredith, and Yogesh Raghunathan, U1700: Jonathan Aiythurai
2010 Open: Nelson Castaneda, U1600: Andris Strazdins
2009 Open: Nelson Castaneda, U1600: George Himes
2008 Open: James Nitz, U1600: Kevin Berry
2007: Dennis Prawira
2006: James Nitz and Daniel Rozovsky