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Jimi Wilkin
John Baclawski

What is post-game analysis?

One of the fastest ways of improving your chess is playing games with long time controls and reviewing your games afterwards. We encourage players to spend time with their opponent to go through their thoughts and identify key turning points. At home, you can store your game on a lichess study and dig into it further. You can also bring your game to our online Saturday study group, where you can discuss with strong players to further refine your thought process. We recommend lichess (fee and open source) as the platform of choice for sharing and analyzing your games.

Check out some of the games from past events at the club, along with some historical games.

2022 Games

Knockout and Swiss Tournament
Class Championships
Strazdins Cup - Stein
Planet Earth Chess Championship
Club Championship
Oktoberfest Open Chess Championship

2023 Games

Club Championship (Rounds 1 - 6)
Club Championship (Round 7) + USATE + Club Champion Simul + Winner's Keepers
Strazdins Cup - Stein

Historical Games

Historical Games

2011-2022 Best Games of the Year

2011-2022 Best Games of the Year

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