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Jimi Wilkin
John Baclawski
Joe Hricko

1.e4,c5 2.Nf3,Nc6 3.d4,cxd4 4.Nxd4 and now 4...,e5

Black plays Nf6 only after the white c1 bishop has played to avoid Bg5.

6.N1c3 (knight in front of the c-pawn)

Example: AiyathuraiJ-HilhorstG
GM Nakamura also takes on d5 with the c-pawn: Nakamura-Radjabov

GM Carlsen chooses to take on d5 with the e-pawn: Carlsen-Radjabov
Following that example until move 14: CastanedaA-HilhorstG and another version: CastanedaA-HilhorstG

Some take on d5 with the queen: BourqueM-HilhorstG

Some do not have that choice because the knight on d5 is not supported by the c-pawn: RozovskyD-HilhorstG

White plays Bg5 anyway

Best trap ever: white does not protect the knight on d5 with c4 but pins the e7 knight with 9.Lg5: HerscoviciD-HilhorstG

6.c4 (c-pawn in front of the knight)


Other 6th moves for white

6.Be3 (a trap) KudrinS-HilhorstG
6.g3 Carlsen-Nakamura
6.Nb3 CastanedaN-HilhorstG
6.Bg5 MeredithD-HilhorstG


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