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Join or renew annual scholastic USCF membership

The CSCA is offering scholastic players to join the US Chess Federation or renew their USCF membership at a discounted prize of $12 through the CSCA.
This program is only available for players from Connecticut in Grades K - 12. This membership includes online access to Chess Life (Kids) and the right to earn a chess rating in the official national rating system. Regular annual USCF membership dues are $17 for players age 12 and under, $22 for age 15 and under and $26 for age 18 and under. Renewals must have a US Chess membership that has expired or expires in less than two months.

Join or renew USCF

Player Name, D.O.B., Grade
USCF # (if renewing), Expiration Date

Upcoming events:

Sep 26 - Rob Roy is planning to resume his monthly open tournaments in Coventry on this day; see 2020 Connecticut Harvest Open for more information.

Oct 17 - 2020 Charter Oak Open by Rob Roy in Coventry.

Nov 14 - 2020 Connecticut Yankee Open by Rob Roy in Coventry.

Dec 12 - 2020 Nutmeg State Open by Rob Roy in Coventry.