New Britain Chess Club since January 26, 1901

The New Britain Chess Club is the largest and most historic chess organization in Connecticut.
We meet every Tuesday at the Armenian Church of the Holy Resurrection, 1910 Stanley Street, New Britain, CT 06053.
Doors open at 6:30 p.m. (6:15 p.m. when there are training classes).
Club activities begin at 7 p.m.
The first few visits are free, so come check us out!
Equipment is provided.

The New Britain Chess Club is currently postponing indoor play until further notice. Online club play is resumed. The club is tentatively reopening indoor play in early 2021.

WebEx Lecture link - 6:30pm Tuesdays
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The New Britain Chess Club Fun Facts

A wealth of historical data has been compiled about the NBCC over the decades. Below are some of the most interesting and unique facts about our organization.

Question Answer
NBCC foundingJanuary 26, 1901
NBCC member who created the NBCC nickname
"The Heart of Connecticut Chess"
FM Richard Bauer
Highest membership in the NBCC119 (1973)
Most players competing in a NBCC tournament78
(2009 New Britain Summer Open Chess Championship)
Most players competing in a NBCC quick chess tournament34 tie
(Quick chess tournaments for Richard Lee and Robert McDaniel)
Most scholastic players competing in a NBCC tournament35
(2018 New Britain Summer Open Chess Championship)
Most female players competing in a NBCC tournament5
(2019 New Britain Bughouse Chess Tournament)
Most NBCC past or present members competing in a non-club event32
(2017 Bradley Open Chess Championship)
Player to travel the farthest to play in a NBCC tournamentPriyanka Nutakki from India
(2016 Bullet Tournament)
Longest duration for the NBCC at a venue35 years
(New Britain Quartette Club: 1975 - 2010)
NBCC's first presence in the newspaperEarly 1890s
NBCC's first presence on the internet1999
(The first NBCC website was created by William Grzesiak)
NBCC's first presence on televisionMay 14, 2009
(PBS series "All Things Connecticut" -
This project was piloted by Rob Roy)
First use of pairing software for a NBCC tournament2007 New Britain Winter Open Quick Chess Tournament
(The ideas were created by Randy Shane and Douglas Fiske)
First online registration for a NBCC tournament2016 New Britain Summer Open Chess Championship
(The idea was created by Norman Burtness)
First outdoor NBCC tournament1975 New Britain Summer Open Chess Championship
First online NBCC tournament2020 New Britain Chess Club G/15 + 5 second increment event on
First online NBCC virtual lecture (test)Game annotated by FM Richard Bauer in 2020 between Arkadijs Strazdins and James Bolton in 1956
First online NBCC virtual lecture (open to all)Pawn games stemming from games played in our online tournaments - games analyzed by FM Richard Bauer
First annual NBCC Christmas party2005
First annual NBCC Oktoberfest dinner party2006
First annual parties hosted by NBCC members at their home2005: Derek Meredith
2007: Kevin Zimmerman
First international chess trip offered by a NBCC memberGert Hilhorst
(Trip to Amsterdam, the Netherlands)