New Britain Chess Club since January 26, 1901

The New Britain Chess Club is the largest and most historic chess organization in Connecticut.
We meet every Tuesday at the Armenian Church of the Holy Resurrection, 1910 Stanley Street, New Britain, CT 06053.
Doors open at 6:30 p.m. (6:15 p.m. when there are training classes).
Club activities begin at 7 p.m.
The first few visits are free, so come check us out!
Equipment is provided.

The New Britain Chess Club is currently postponing indoor play until further notice. Online club play is resumed. The club is tentatively reopening indoor play in early 2021.

WebEx Lecture link - 6:30pm Tuesdays
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The New Britain Chess Club Summer Open Champions

The Summer Open is the NBCC's annual outdoor event, which generally attracts an average of fifty to sixty players from around the Northeast. Since 2012, this event has been held at Wickham Park in Manchester.

2020 Open: Gaetano Bompastore and Michael Pascetta, U1620: Elizabeth Smith
2019 Open: Mark Bourque and Joseph Hricko, U1619: Kyle Triplett, U919: Ethan Shemo
2018 Open: Richard Bauer, Nelson Castaneda, Jake Wang, and Charles Hua, U1618: Isaish Glessner and Theordoros Theodoropoulos, U918: Michael Boisselle
2017 Open: Hongtao Lau, U1617: Erin Strauts, U917: Jordan Lefkowitz, Aditya Kurra, Vedanta Bhargava, Peter Wolfe, and Yifan Jiang
2016 Open: Andrew Cowell, U1616: Luis Delgado, U916: Daniel Hoffman
2015 Open: Richard Bauer, U1815: Eric Hilhorst, U1415: James Kolega
2014 Open: Alexander Polak and Nelson Castaneda, U1814: John Sentilles and Robert Cyr, U1414: Avery Hood
2013 Open: Nelson Castaneda, U1813 Jozef Madej, U1413: Miguel Purgatorio
2012 Open: Richard Bauer and Nelson Castaneda, U1812: Jozef Madej, U1412: William Adamson
2011 Open: Alex Fikiet, U1811: Robert McDaniel, U1411: Ben Siegel and Shawn Andrews
2010 Open: Richard Bauer, U1700: Brian Kosnoff, U1300: David Fournier
2009 Open: Dennis Prawira, David Herscovici, Andres Castaneda, U1700: Justin Huguenin
2008 Open: Dennis Prawira and Jason Lenore, U1600: David Gaston
2007: Andres Castaneda and Gert Hilhorst
2006: Yogesh Raghunathan, Seth Neel, and Douglas Fiske
2005: Andres Castaneda
2004: Mark Wilkin and Anthony Diaz
2003: Nelson Castaneda
2002: James Wilkin
2001: Mark Wilkin
2000: Ronald Bourassa
1999: William Grzesiak and Richard Bauer
1998: John Baclawski
1997: James Bolton
1996: James Bolton
1995: Arkadijs Strazdins, James Bolton, and Richard Bauer
1994: Richard Bauer
1993: Arkadijs Strazdins
1992: Zimel Livshits
1991: Douglas Fiske and Richard Bauer
1990: Richard Bauer
1989: Eric Godin
1988: Roger Paul
1987: Scott Gunderman
1986: Scott Gunderman
1985: Eric Godin
1984: John Pires
1983: Arkadijs Strazdins
1982: Peter Thau and Eric Godin
1981: Matthew Coulombe
1980: Thomas Little and John Baclawski
1979: Ronald Bourassa
1978: Steven Strogatz
1977: Jerome Crawford
1976: Julius Fuster, Arkadijs Strazdins, and Mary Conlon
1975: James Bolton
1974: James Baker
1973: Arkadijs Strazdins and William Mammen
1972: Arkadijs Strazdins and Parker Montgomery
1971: Arkadijs Strazdins and Loren Lomasky
1970: William Edwards
1969: Peter Kloskowski
1968: Arkadijs Strazdins
1967: Arkadijs Strazdins
1966: Arkadijs Strazdins