Founded January 26, 1901

The New Britain Chess Club is the largest and most historic chess organization in Connecticut.
We meet every Tuesday at the Armenian Church of the Holy Resurrection, 1910 Stanley Street, New Britain, CT 06053.
Doors open at 6:30 p.m. (6:15 p.m. when there are training classes).
Club activities begin at 7:15 p.m.
The first few visits are free, so come check us out!
Equipment is provided.

The New Britain Chess Club is currently open on Tuesday evenings at the Armenian Church of the Holy Resurrection. Masks are currently required to be worn by all members and non-members.

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Club Membership

Your first month of coming to the club is free. After that, we hope that you will join us with a membership.
For those who wish to come to the club on a more sporadic basis, but not join, visits are $10 each.

Membership dues for the 9/1 - 8/31 club year are:

  • regular: $65 (or 2 payments of $35)
  • children and full time students: $50
  • 65+ yrs old: $35
  • 2nd family member: $35
  • out of state college student: $35
  • special $35 in case of a Financial Hardship

New Member rates: dues are discounted depending on the month joined:

  • Sept- Jan: $65 ($50,$35)
  • Feb - Mar: $55 ($40,$30)
  • Apr - May: $45 ($30,$25)
  • Jun - Jul: $85 ($65,$50) - includes next year's membership
  • Aug ------ $75 ($55,$40) - includes next year's membership

Membership benefits include:

  • Discounted entry fee on club events.
  • Participation in member-only events, including our annual Club Championship.
  • Casual play every Tuesday

Anyone can join the NBCC! (USCF membership is not required). Please come on down with no obligation. We supply all the equipment you need and play in a spacious, well-lit area. We are confident that you will like us.

Club Membership Renewal

Please understand that dues are needed to pay for the rent of our building, equipment, and advertising, which all add up to a substantial amount. Please help us keep a good thing going.

Each year, per 9/1, members can either renew or cancel their membership:

  • mail your check to Dave Herscovici, 231 Argyle Road, Cheshire CT, 06410-2625, or
  • pay Dave cash or check at the club meeting, or
  • pay using PayPal:

  • Membership Rates
    Member name
  • Special pro-rated membership for April/May via PayPal:

    April/May Membership
  • or inform the secretary or treasurer if you wish to cancel your membership

USCF Membership

USCF membership is required only for club tournaments that are USCF rated. USCF membership page