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The New Britain Chess Club Honorary Member Tournaments

Since 2010, the NBCC has been holding tournaments in honor of our members based on their cumulative years of membership.
Please visit the honorary biography website to the read the NBCC/chess biography on each honored member.

Member Honored Date Honored Winner(s)
Roger Bessette5-9-23Nelson Castaneda, Suhas Kodali, Mario Guevara-Rodriguez, and Jithu Sajeevan (top team)
Mark Bourque, Dennis Himes, Roger Bessette, and David Mashkov (middle team)
Jithya Sajeevan, Vaibhav Singh, Michael Acosta, and Varshith Errabelly (lower team)
John Pasco2-21-23David Herscovici
Harold Blanchard1-3-23Matthew Costello, Kevin Corteville, Ian Wohlhieter, Nathan Mezheritskiy, Thomas Sullivan, Norman Burtness, Dennis Himes, David Herscovici, and Yonatan Alexrad
Suhas Kodali9-6-22Nelson Castaneda and Richard Bauer
David Herscovici4-26-22Richard Bauer
Dan Golda2-22-22David Herscovici
George Himes10-26-21Suhas Kodali (Open)
Quinn Cotton (U1600)
Norman Burtness7-6-21Nelson Castaneda
Matt Faille2-18-20Nelson Castaneda
William Torres10-29-19Joseph Bihlmeyer (Open)
Kyle Triplett (U1700)
John Twombley8-6-19Dmitry Leykekman (Open)
Carter Clayton (U1600)
Bill Campbell4-30-19Nelson Castaneda (Open)
Carter Clayton, Dan Golda, Arijit Chakraborty, and Robert Wooster (Lower)
Laurent Lafosse2-19-19Derek Meredith
Joseph Hricko10-23-18Derek Meredith (Open)
Elizabeth Smith and Samuel Sirag (Under 1700)
Eric Hilhorst8-14-18Nelson Castaneda (Quad 1)
Carter Clayton (Quad 2)
Bill Campell and Elizabeth Smith (Quad 3)
Norman Burtness and Joseph Hricko (Quad 4)
Dennis Prawira5-1-18David Herscovici (Open)
Elizabeth Smith (U1700)
Gert Hilhorst2-20-18David Herscovici
Michael Pascetta11-28-17Jithu Sajeevan, Joseph Bihlmeyer, and Mark Bourque (Open)
Robert Wooster (U1600)
Daniel Pascetta8-8-17Nelson Castaneda, Joseph Bihlmeyer, and Daniel Pascetta
Martin Garcia4-11-17Nelson Castaneda and Richard Bauer (Open)
Robert Wooster (U1400)
Joseph Bihlmeyer2-21-17Nelson Castaneda, Dennis Prawira, and Immad Sadiq (Open)
Alexander Ruth (Reserve)
Gary Caruso12-6-16David Herscovici
Marcus Komons11-1-16Nelson Castaneda (Open)
Robert Cyr (U1800)
Nelson Castaneda8-9-16Nelson Castaneda (Open)
Joseph Mansigian, Jithu Sajeevan, and John Twombley (U1800)
Mark Bourque4-26-16Norman Burtness and Richard Bauer (Open)
Joseph Mansigian and Alexander Ruth (U1700)
Thomas Sullivan12-1-15Nelson Castaneda, Dennis Prawira, and Alex Guziak (Open)
Ryan Wantroba (Reserve)
Kevin Zimmerman10-20-15Dennis Prawira (Open)
Alexander Ruth, Bill Campbell, Ryan Wantroba, Shmaya Ron, and Kevin Zimmerman (Reserve)
James Wilkin5-5-15Nelson Castaneda
Robert McDaniel11-25-14Derek Meredith (Open)
John Sentilles (Reserve)
James Nitz7-22-14Yoon-Young Kim
John Nitz4-15-14James Nitz (Open)
Alexander Ruth (Reserve)
Dennis Himes12-2-13Nelson Castaneda (Open)
Angel Zayas-Garcia (U1600)
Anthony Diaz10-22-13James Nitz (Open)
Alexander Ruth (U1595)
Jozef Madej6-11-13Jan van de Mortel (Open)
John Twombley (Reserve)
Robert Kozlowski4-30-13Joseph Hricko
Edward McHugh4-9-13Edward McHugh (Open)
Andres Montiel (Reserve)
Derek Meredith1-8-13Nelson Castaneda (Open)
John Twombley, Andres Montiel, and Robert Kozlowski (U1600)
Douglas Fiske12-4-12Nelson Castaneda
Richard Bauer10-9-12Nelson Castaneda
Richard Lee6-26-12Derek Meredith
Joseph Mansigian4-17-12William Torres
Peter Kloskowski4-3-12Derek Meredith (Open)
Andris Strazdins (U1500)
Hermann Zickfeld1-3-12Derek Meredith
Anthony Yablonski10-18-11Nelson Castaneda
Peter Galazan8-30-11Richard Bauer
John Baclawski4-12-11Edward McHugh
Robert Milardo1-2-11Nelson Castaneda
Andris Strazdins12-5-10Nelson Castaneda (Open)
Bryan Yekelchik (U1500 & Age 15)
Edmund Valauskas10-19-10Dennis Prawira
William Dworski10-3-10Daniel Rozovsky (Open)
Ian Lomeli (U1500 & Age 15)