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The New Britain Chess Club Reserve Champions

From 1972 until 2006, the reserve tournament was held as a separate event in conjunction with the annual New Britain City Chess Championship. Due to the elimination of the City Championship after 2006, the annual reserve tournament has been held in conjunction with the club's annual championship.

2024: Can it be you?
2023: Ian Wohlhieter
2022: Elizabeth Smith
2021: Eric Hilhorst and Robert Wooster
2020: Shriniket Sivakumar and Roger Bessette
2019: Nakul Ramaswamy
2018: James Wilkin
2017: John Nitz
2016: Immad Sadiq
2015: Robert McDaniel
2014: James Wilkin and Robert McDaniel
2013: Norman Burtness
2012: Joseph Mansigian
2011 (1 of 2): Christian Jensen, (2 of 2) Open: Mark Bourque, U1500: Jonathan Aiyathurai
2010 (1 of 2): Richard Bauer and John Nitz, U1400: Laurent Lafosse, (2 of 2) Open: John Baclawski and Dennis Himes, U1400: Eric Light
2009 (1 of 3): Andres Montiel and Joseph Mansigian, (2 of 3) Open: Mark Bourque, Joseph Mansigian, and Randall Shane, U1500: William Montross, (3 of 3) Open: Brian Kosnoff and Jozef Madej, U1500: Leonid Stolov
2008 (1 of 2): Dennis Himes and Nathan Lacombe, (2 of 2) Open: Yogesh Raghunathan, U1500: Daniel Pascetta
2007 (1 of 2): Michael Pascetta and Owen Walsh, (2 of 2): Yogesh Raghunathan
2006 (1 of 2): James and John Nitz, (2 of 2): Mark Wilkin and James Nitz
2005: Robert Lawrence
2004: Christian Jensen, William Grzesiak, and Anthony Diaz
2003: Robert Lawrence
2002: Dennis Tortora
2001: Robert Milardo and Jason Lenore
2000: Anthony Diaz and Robert Yelle
1999: William Grzesiak and Arkadijs Strazdins
1998: John Baclawski
1997: Robert Milardo
1996: Paul Budney, Christopher Radda, Walter Pajak, and Noah Vieria
1995: Lawrence O'Neill
1994: Dennis Tortora
1993: James Bolton and Craig Palmer
1992: Peter Kloskowski
1991: Wieclaw Wojcik
1990: Robert Milardo
1989: Arkadijs Strazdins, Robert Milardo, Walter Pajak, and Lawrence O'Neill
1988: Michael Sheroff
1987: John Pryer, Lawrence O'Neill, and Walter Pajak
1986: James Bolton
1985: Charles Venturi
1984: Lawrence O'Neill
1983: Raymond Lamont
1982: Leonard Weeks
1981: Stanley Archacki
1980: Vincent Staskiewicz and John Disantis
1979: Peter Kloskowski and Paul Wooster
1978: Paul Ligas and Ronald Bourassa
1977: Peter Kloskowski
1976: Joseph Mansigian
1975: Peter Mitchell
1974: Carl Traszinski
1973: Loran Lomaski
1972: Mark Berg